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We have flu shots and Flumist (nose spray for ages 2-49) in stock.  Please call the front desk to make an appointment for a nurse visit.

Family Medicine in Falls Church news:​

  • Dr. Nasuti and Dr. Theisz and our staff received the COVID 19 vaccine including booser shots.  There were limited side effects!  Please register with your local government or pharmacy to get the vaccine for you and your loved ones as soon as you can.

  • Now accepting online payments! You've been asking for it, and we are so excited that it is now available! It's quick, secure, HIPAA-compliant, and convenient!

Welcome to Family Medicine in Falls Church! A small, private practice located in the City of Falls Church, it is our pleasure to welcome patients of all ages!


Our physicians are board-certified in family medicine. We love to see infants grow through their important stages of development into their child and teen years, attend to our adult patients for their on-going health and wellness, and provide care for acute and chronic needs.


It is our hope to foster a meaningful patient-doctor relationship with you and your family for years to come. 








9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 8 PM

9 AM - 8 PM

9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 5 PM




COVID 19 testing, isolation and quarantine (updated 06/05/2022):
If you have symptoms, please call for testing.  We offer only the PCR test which takes 2-3 days for results, but can take longer during a surge of cases.  Rapid tests are more accurate if they are positive than negative, but can be useful in self diagnosis.   COVID testing sites
These are the latest CDC Guidelines.
1.  POSITIVE TEST - isolation for five days, can exit isolation if no symptoms or improving symptoms - must wear a mask another five days.
2.  ALL EXPOSURE - test five days afterward or if any symptoms.
3.  EXPOSURE, VACCINATED < 6 MONTHS AGO OR BOOSTED - no quarantine if no symptoms, test at day five, wear mask for 10 days
COVID-19 vaccination information can be found here.

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