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Family Medicine in Falls Church news:​

  • The practice will begin offering flu shots to established patients Now!

  • Flu vaccination clinics will be the first two weeks in October this year. 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th from 3pm to 5pm. We cannot give flu shots to people who have not been seen previously by our office.

  • When arriving for the Clinic, enter the wait room and fill out the required paperwork. Once finished we'll bring you into a room for the vaccine.

  • The following vaccines will be available:

  • Fluzone (ages 6 mo +)

  • Fluzone preservative free (for pregnant women and people concerned about preservatives)

  • Fluzone quadrivalent high dose (age 65+)

  • Flublok (egg free for people allergic to eggs)

  • Flumist (nasal spray for ages 2-49)

  • Dr. Theisz is now a Professor at Eastern Medical to teach Family Medicine to future Doctors! He's making sure in the future, there will now be more Providers like him! Let's cheer him on!

  • NP Genevieve Petraglia joins Dr. Arminda Nasuti in continuing the same level of care that Family Medicine In Falls Church is known for!

  • Now accepting online payments! You've been asking for it, and you got it! We are so excited! It's quick, secure, HIPAA-compliant, and convenient! Access it at the top right! Just click -Bill Payment- to start!

Welcome to Family Medicine in Falls Church! A small, private practice located in the City of Falls Church, it is our pleasure to welcome patients of all ages!


Our providers are board-certified in family medicine. We love to see infants grow through their important stages of development into their child and teen years, attend to our adult patients for their on-going health and wellness, and provide care for acute and chronic needs.


It is our hope to foster a meaningful patient-provider relationship with you and your family for years to come. 








9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 8 PM

9 AM - 8 PM

9 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 5 PM




COVID 19 testing, isolation and quarantine (updated 06/05/2022):
If you have symptoms, please call for testing.  We offer only the PCR test which takes 2-3 days for results, but can take longer during a surge of cases.  Rapid tests are more accurate if they are positive than negative, but can be useful in self diagnosis.   COVID testing sites
These are the latest CDC Guidelines.
1.  POSITIVE TEST - isolation for five days, can exit isolation if no symptoms or improving symptoms - must wear a mask another five days.
2.  ALL EXPOSURE - test five days afterward or if any symptoms.
3.  EXPOSURE, VACCINATED < 6 MONTHS AGO OR BOOSTED - no quarantine if no symptoms, test at day five, wear mask for 10 days
COVID-19 vaccination information can be found here.

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